Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Xian.

A place where I am 100% professional

Where I document the processes

Day dreams put down in gouache

As an avid creative problem-solver and storyteller, I get my hands dirty during the research process; challenging the boundaries of digital technology, to craft experiences that is rooted in human insights, needs and desires. I believe that by placing people at the heart of the design process, I can deliver meaningful, easy and engaging user experiences when interacting with brands.

Beyond my working desk, I spend my time inventing characters with my pencils and gouache paints; embracing travel experiences that become measurable in the way that pursuits like music and literature are. They can take you to a place, or they can take you to that place. While possessing a fear of the unknown is a most natural disposition, it continues to be true that access to a colourful existence requires one’s willingness to embrace what is likely to be both uncomfortable and unexpected.

I dream to save the world, take life seriously and make my mum proud.

If you are still interested in having a cup of coffee with me or throwing mails to me across the cloud, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

User Experience
User Research
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User Testing
UX Strategy
UI Design
Art Direction