Be ready for every one of your adventures.

ROLE — Concept, Art direction, illustratoin
CATEGORY — Brand, Social

The primary objective of this campaign is to communicate the importance of buying a travel insurance and create awareness that OCBC does offer comprehensive travel insurance which caters to their needs.

The greatest adventures are the ones you never expect. It’s what makes travelling unique for everyone. It’s what gives us great stories to tell. Instead of trying to stop the unexpected, we should be prepared.

We create a unique personality on social to engage the users and get them ready for every one of their adventures. LUGGY - The explorer who cautiously goes where no one has ever gone before. Over protective. Over prepared. Extra safe. Caught between wanderlust and fear of the unknown. Worries in a mock-serious, exaggerated, unbelievable way. More than just a cute mascot - a unique personality on social.

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