SGX Investor Roadmap

CLIENT — Singapore Exchange (SGX)
ROLE — UX & Research, UI Design
CATEGORY — Responsive Web Design

Investing is no easy task. All the jargons and complex informations are what stop people from taking the first step. Prospective investors are hungry to learn but get lost in the wealth of information provided by websites, which are usually targeted to general and experienced investors. They want to start investing but don’t know where to begin.

We identified the opportunity to create an induction portal specifically catered to prospective investors. One that speaks their language and is designed in a way that makes investing easily understandable.

The overall look for the new SGX Investor Roadmap site is simple, clean, and modern. The website has strong functional aesthetics with minimal elements to avoid any distractions. The focus is placed squarely on the simplicity of the content flow.


Designing investments for dummies

Through our research, we uncovered three opportunities on how users interact with investment portals. From there, we derived our recommendations for the new SGX My Gateway.

New vs experiences
To new investors, delving into investments is like swimming in a shark pool. One way for them to find comfort is to do their research and read up online. Whereas for Experience investors, learning is history and their objectives is to dive into the latest updates and sources.

Simplicity is the key
Understanding Investment is no easy task. The online search engine may be helpful but information can be too overwhelming for new investors. Based on our interview, users have voiced their concern on not knowing whether to begin and processes are all over the place.

Speak their language
Complex explanations and terminologies is the barrier for the new investors. Fundamentals of investments can be notoriously technical, making it difficult to for the layman to understand, remember and act upon. 

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