Improve productivity with Flow app.

CLIENT — General Assembly Project
ROLE — UX & Research, UI Design
CATEGORY — Mobile Application UX, Strategy

Productivity (Noun); The effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input. — Oxford Dictionary

Similar as each user's definition may be, everyone has their own little rituals to get about their productiveness. Productivity resonate with people on a rational and on an emotional level. No one individual has the exact same method. For this project, we want to discover how people define productivity, manage their productivity level and their daily life. 

After deep user research, one thing became clear: ultimately a good planning is the best way to kickstart productivity. "I feel the most unproductive when there is no proper planning of the tasks or when I procrastinate" – Jasmine, Visual Designer

Setting priorities and planning
Setting priorities allows us to decide which tasks we really need to focus on and which need to be rescheduled, ignored or assigned to someone else. If the project isn’t explicitly laid out, it’s easy to spin your wheels or procrastinate. 

Bad planning causes stress
Unforeseen tasks breaks the momentum. Unclear goals break the flow. If one have to stop working to think about the strategy, it is context switching and adding unnecessary mental fatigue.

Some tasks might be forgotten
Humans are terrible at multitasking and when one is overwhelmed with work, they tend to forget the less urgent matters. Forgetting is not an excuse, it is a root cause of our productivity issues.

A streamlined, fluid experience was designed to make managing and prioritising current or new tasks an ease.

The gesture to drag and adjust the schedule simplifies schedule planning and allows the flexibility of adding new tasks to the flow. Unfulfilled tasks are also seamlessly brought over to the next calendar day, reducing the effort to input it all over again. A timely reminder, recommended/nearby places, countdown timer add to the efficiency of the app.

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The crafted solution is a digital strategy that not only addresses immediate needs, but reaches beyond and into the other needs of the user.

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